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Beintoo | Audience e Media Planning



Using a proprietary SDK, we collect geolocational signals from millions of users who have given explicit consent to their profiling in Italy, Spain, and Germany. By combining data from other partners in various countries around the world, we can build geo-behavioural audiences.

To predict the future, you need the right data: data collected through our technology are of high quality and accuracy and ensure the assembly of valuable insights for the optimization of the business of brands and companies, as well as marketing strategies.



The SDK enables granular territory mapping, by detecting consumers’ interests, intent, and purchase processes, based on places visited (POIs). From the analysis of this data, we build clusters of potential clients that can be activated through mobile and desktop campaigns. We are a data driven company, so in order to reach the right consumer we also use predictive models. To do this, we map the territory and analyse the data related to the habitual and occasional paths of users, through the GPS signal, to highlight patterns common to groups of consumers.

These patterns, combined with machine learning, allow us to create forecasts about segments with certain habits, extensible to other clusters with similar behaviours: starting from these Predictive Audiences, then, we create ahead of the times strategies and offer a huge competitive advantage in the market, across several sectors.


Lat e long


Mobile Ad ID

IP address


GDPR compliant

Store mapping

Visit algorithm

Dwell time, proximity, frequency

The right user at the right time



To Intercept web and App users who adopt a privacy-first approach, we developed Mosaic, the geo behavioural targeting solution to reach ID Free users, through an indirect profiling.

This technology divides the territory in hexagons, creating a database of clusters of users with similar behaviour and intentions. Thanks to our location-based look-like algorithm, it is possible to recognize in which hexagons there is a higher concentration of targeted profiles, at different times of the day, regardless of whether or not they have an identifier.



Thanks to our partner network, we reach millions of smart TVs throughout Italy, and all mobile devices connected to the same wi-fi network as TVs.

With Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology we identify TV content enjoyed in real-time, on linear tv, on SVOD contents and on video games.

This allows us to provide advanced targeting solutions, combining geo behavioural data (first party data) with insights from Smart TV in order to plan, activate and measure cross-device campaigns and reach targets in a focused and effective way.



Create specific audiences in relation to the programs displayed

Incremental reach on mobile

Plan campaigns based on audience interests and preferences



Thanks to strategic partnerships built up over the years, we now deliver our first-party data with data from major players on the market.
This is intent-to-buy or completed purchase data, obtained from apps or websites on which users search for or purchase a product. Based on this data, we place users into specific audiences that allow us to understand consumers’ preferences in order to show them the most suitable advertising which is in line with their interests.

Attraverso la partnership con Alfonsino, PMI del settore food order & delivery, proponiamo una forma avanzata di programmatic advertising basata su audiences geo-comportamentali, per un approccio qualitativo all’acquisto third-party degli spazi in-app dall’ecosistema digitale di Alfonsino, attivando per gli advertisers soluzioni capillari e specifiche per massimizzare l’efficacia dell’azione