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The Mediaset Group’s data driven company expands its offering with a new solution for more effective campaigns, allowing advertisers to target users in specific and strategic areas.

The digital advertising world is clearly heading towards changes that will not only introduce new rules for ad planning but will also revolutionize existing targeting methods. As the industry anticipates significant transformations to protect online user privacy, such as the cookies deprecation and limited access to user data, companies must adopt scalable, innovative solutions that continue to facilitate brand-audience interactions.

With this in mind, and aiming to provide advertisers with its expertise, Beintoo, the data driven company of the Mediaset Group, has developed SPOTS, a new product for advertising planning based on advanced geographic analysis. 

SPOTS monitors foot traffic share and variations in store visits for a brand, highlighting a Growth Share Matrix (GSM) based on visits at the zip code level. This tool identifies geographic areas where the brand has opportunities to expand its market share or where it needs to focus to prevent the loss of existing customers, enabling the implementation of hyper-localized and specific advertising strategies.

To achieve such a level of detail, SPOTS uses an innovative methodology based on kriging interpolation technologies, which studies the probabilistic structure of processes that simulate user movements and visit habits. This approach provides advertisers with highly granular and accurate data, helping brands optimize their local advertising campaigns.

Use Cases

SPOTS is ideal for brands with single-brand physical stores, helping to identify areas where a company needs to consolidate its visit share because its market share is high but under pressure from competitors, or to seize new opportunities in areas where the share is low but the growth trend is positive.

For example, an automotive brand wanting to increase its visit share by attracting visitors from direct competitors will find it crucial to focus primarily on areas with the highest growth potential. SPOTS allows for the identification of these granular spaces (zip codes), with analysis based on historical visits to both the brand’s and competitors’ stores, providing an unprecedented level of detail.The same logic applies to areas where the brand wants to defend its visit share, identifying zip codes where, based on historical visit data, there are significant risks of losing store traffic.

“SPOTS represents an advancement in the data driven approach: part of a series of first solutions to face a future with less user data and a revolutionary concept of location-based advertising. Our goal was to develop another strategic tool based on innovative techniques – as we did in 2022 with Mosaic – to guide companies with the necessary insights to determine in which areas to deliver ads, thus improving activation effectiveness and optimizing advertising budgets,” says Alessandro Mancini, Head of Data Science at Beintoo.

“From the beginning, we have committed to being pioneers and promoters of innovation, aiming to offer our clients effective and cutting-edge tools for their advertising strategies. The introduction of SPOTS is another piece in this puzzle, a further step towards a series of solutions we are developing to ensure data-driven – and thus effective, personalized, and high-performing – planning for advertisers, looking towards a future with different and unprecedented profiling logic,” concludes Andrea Campana, CEO of Beintoo.