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TV Booster is part of the evolution of Beintoo’s location data suite, enabling brands to precisely identify zip codes on which to intercept their audience.

Beintoo, the data-driven company specialised in digital advertising strategies, announces the market launch of TV Booster, the solution designed to optimise multi-screen advertising campaigns.

Today’s market demands planning tools capable of differentiating advertising strategies at a territorial level in an increasingly detailed and targeted manner. TV Booster meets this need by providing advertisers with precise information about the audience based on the selected postal code with the aim of reaching their target through the appropriate channel.

Specifically, starting from data from smart TVs, which Beintoo has access to thanks to international partners, this solution identifies the one hundred zip codes where the TV campaign had lower penetration compared to the national average, allowing brands to evaluate the effective coverage of television campaigns in specific geographical areas. In this way it will be possible to activate geolocated advertising actions on both mobile and desktop devices later on, adopting a multi-channel approach, only in areas where it is more likely to reach the target interested in the sponsored product.

The applications of TV Booster are numerous, for example: brands can plan incremental reach actions only in specific areas, where the ad spot has recorded lower coverage, intercepting, through mobile activation, users not exposed to it but potentially interested in the sponsored products. Moreover, it is possible to reach users exposed to the television advertisement through a mobile retargeting action delivered only in certain specific postal codes, thus expanding the reach of the advertising message.

“The benefits of using various data sources cannot be cannot be emphasized enough, especially when it comes to integrating TV data.” Says Richard Wagner, Head of Sales Beintoo DACH. “This has proven to lead to more efficient campaigns that not only save costs but also maximize advertising effectiveness by reaching audiences where they are most receptive. As consumers today need to be reached across multiple devices and channels, utilizing innovative tools such as the TV Booster is a decisive competitive advantage.”