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  • The aim is to strengthen the growth of the retail media in Italy and Spain
  • Consolidate data-driven advertising solutions and drive innovation in the media landscape

Schwarz Media, the retail media vendor of Schwarz Digits, announced a strategic partnership with Beintoo, a leading data-driven marketing company within the Mediaset Group. As part of this collaboration, Beintoo will act as the sales partner of Schwarz Media on site in Italy and Spain and will focus on the Sales of advertising space in the Lidl Plus app, the digital customer card for Purchasing at Lidl with numerous additional functions, in both countries and Lidl’s e-commerce platform in Spain. 

“We are excited to join forces with Schwarz Media to enhance retail media capabilities and deliver impactful advertising solutions to our clients,” said Andrea Campana CEO of Beintoo. “By combining the strengths of Schwarz Media retail expertise and Beintoo’s data-driven marketing solutions, we aim to provide advertisers with innovative opportunities to engage their target audiences effectively.”

Thanks to the partnership in Spain, Beintoo will also be able to offer and place targeted advertising campaigns both at Lidl and in other placement within the Mediaset properties.

“Thanks to our extensive expertise in the retail media sector, Lidl’s strong presence in retail and the sales partnership with Beintoo, new opportunities are opening up for our advertising partners to get in touch with consumers,” concludes Robert Jozic, General Manager of Schwarz Media.