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The data company part of the Mediaset Group launches on the market the first geo-behavioral targeting solution which can also reach the Free Users ID.

In recent years, due to technological evolution and data collection methods, privacy protection of online users has acquired a crucial role for both companies and individuals. Indeed, more and more consumers are adopting a privacy first approach on the web or within mobile apps, at the expense of the possibility for publishers and advertisers to activate profiled advertising campaigns. 

Aware that this new category of non-tracking users is growing, Beintoo developed Mosaic, a geo-behavioral targeting solution designed to support advertisers in reaching ID Free users through indirect profiling.

Mosaic’s technology makes it possible to divide the Italian territory into hexagons, with a radius ranging from 25 to 250 metres, and highlight where, at certain time slots,, it is more likely to find clusters of individuals with a similar behavior. 

Starting from the database of users deterministically delineated by the Beintoo SDK, the location-based look alike algorithm recognises in which hexagons there is a greater probability for a specific brand to find its target, at any time of the day or week, regardless of whether that user has an identifier or not.

Mosaic is a product which combines data based on Beintoo geo-behavioral analysis, users responses after exposure to specific campaigns, and machine learning technologies: these factors, combined, make it possible to classify each hexagon according to the interests of the people who attend it and to subsequently elaborate a dynamic map of the territory, which follows the movements of homogeneous consumer clusters and, as a result, changes throughout the day. 

Mosaic is available in the main markets where the data-driven company operates, and can be accessed by customers in reservation and programmatic sell-side mode.

“The adTech world is facing an epochal change which is impacting the way brands and agencies will be able to do targeted advertising” says Andrea Campana, CEO of Beintoo. “Already today, the ability to understand what audiences do outside of first-party properties is drastically reducing the possibility of profiling users and activating them in data-driven advertising campaigns. Mosaic is the first geo-behavioral look-alike model in Europe, able to identify where and when the target audience of each advertiser is best represented, and therefore reachable”.